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Bespoke training

Our business has been founded on designing and delivering consultancy skills development programmes, run in-house for professional services organisations in the consultancy, IT, finance, oil and many other sectors.

Even the largest consultancy practices with well staffed training departments have chosen to outsource elements of their training to us. Among the reasons they choose to do so are:

  • Experience: we have enormous experience in doing this, across a variety of practices
  • Capability: our course leaders are experienced practising consultants, who have current experience in working in the situations that confront course participants
  • Flexibility: your internal training consultants are always subject to being pulled away on client work! We respond to your needs and commit to deliver
  • Reliability: we develop long term working relationships with our clients based on an in-depth understanding of their business and needs.

What does in-house training cover?

If you want a course to meet a particular set of needs, then we engage in bespoke design; see consultancy skills development programmes.

Of course, over our long experience we have trained people in most aspects of consultancy skills and it is possible that your needs might be met by one of our existing courses. Take a look at our consultant training courses portfolio to see if this is the case. Of course, we can adapt any of these courses to suit your needs.

If you would like to discuss your training needs contact us.